Thursday, November 12, 2009

Craig Frazier

"If our work is simple enough, it is entirely possible that we can penetrate someone's mind. If it is smart enough, it is entirely possible that we can change it."
Craig Frazier
Well, I have been absent from my blog trying to think what the future holds for Azul-Azul.  Lots of plans, ideas of what to do better.  I am excited about the idea of seriously venturing in creating uniquely designed fabric and opening a shop as an extension of this blog. I want my fabrics to be be simple, with a story to tell and/or to create but the question is how?  Craig Frazier's words and work came to mind, he always tells a story in one simple creative illustration! I want to apply his philosophy in my work. I am just in the beginning phase right now.. lots to research lots to learn! Enjoy his work and I will keep you inform of my progress!
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